pay attention to ventilation. Breathable material does not cover your foot, not only comfortable, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoe ventilation is poor, especially the soles, though very strong, legs was like a sauna in there. Best shoe breathable but not into something presentable, nor as strong as the shoes. A good pair of shoes is far more important than a BMW from the Knights. Day 9For people more than an hour, feet are the hardest, it should configure a pair of comfortable shoes, however  nike free run 5.0 running shoes. Baby footwear purchase considerations in a person's life, or at least go 1Million kilometers of road, so the shoes cannot be ignored. Infant footwear should pay attention. Because most of their foot bones are calcified cartilage, bone tissue flexibility, easy deformation, coupled with a thin epidermis Cornification of the feet, muscle water, are susceptible to injury and

infection. Infant foot bottom distribution associated with the organs of the body's blood vessels and nerves, there are many points, so the feet to the human body, like roots just as important for the tree. In addition, the Arch of the foot is in the developmental stages of the infant, a good shoe to protect the arches, buffered in most of the shocks generated by the ground when you walk, not only protection of the foot and ankle, knee, back, spine, of vibration can also protect the brain from damage. Choose the proper nike free run 3 womens running shoes footwear for the baby how to choose footwear for baby to sanitary, and foot growth? · fabric texture: firm, soft fabric, a cloth made of children's shoes at the end of comfort, breathability and good production of soft cowhide, soft Sheepskin Shoes, soles are soft and flexible end of the tendon is not only comfortable and safe. Do not give your baby to wear leather,

plastic children's shoes, because it is not breathable, easy to slip wrestling. ·: be sure to fit children's feet grow very fast, and some parents especially for kids to buy large size shoes, in order to put on more time. As everyone knows, this is very bad. Due to the large feet in shoes are not appropriate in a fixed, not only caused by Varus or valgus foot development will also affect the correct posture while walking. Some parents think that shoes are too small, but not worn out, let the baby will wear out some more time. This very bad for baby's developing leg muscles and ligaments. Baby's foot soft bones,Punishing will make baby foot deformation. Babies feet grow very fast during this period, generally speaking, 3-4 months for new shoes. · style: wide head, easy to wear off toddler's baby must wear shoes lighter upper is higher, it is best to cover the ankle. After going to wear hard-