and comfortable shoes. Children's shoes in the winter, warm performance first, followed by artistic, strong. Uppers of soft and hard appropriately, slightly soft. Trendy girl has several pairs of boots a lot, however boots are not suitable for everyday wear, boots uppers are generally longer, if the leather is not good and hard, a little inattentive, easy trip, it is prone to ankle sprains. General weight 15 kg during pregnancy, stress on the legs and feet when you walk a lot, focus change, wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens can make a pregnant woman feel tired, thus affecting the unborn baby's development. Some people feel that wearing socks wear sneakers gotten panic, simply wearing bare feet, which, Lou doctor, wear sneakers on the best socks. Provides moisture wicking sock itself, role of friction, if barefoot sneakers will make the shoe more moist, but may also damage the skin,

some people wear barefoot sneakers worn foot blisters, blisters being worn and there are possibilities of wound infection, it would be in trouble. In addition, some people allergic to leather or rubber skin, let alone barefoot sneakers. Health-shoe-wearing three-point note first, right shoe heel height. 2~3cmHeels can rationalize the arch, made before the man's buttocks, and tightening of the abdomen, chest up, makes people look tall and vibrant. Flat shoes cause a person's Center of gravity was nike free run too far back, tamp the ground with the heel when walking, vibration can reach the brain. High heel makes the toes, metatarsal labored to increase and squeeze, ankle, knee stress increases, waist, abdomen must be quite forward to maintain balance, easily lead to spinal, hip muscle, ligament strain. A long time, deformation of toes, formation of hallux valgus, Bunion. In real life,

short to wear high heels to increase height. Actually the height of the heel should be proportional to the height, short of wearing high heels is more harmful. Secondly, proper shoes should be appropriate. Too tight shoes can squeeze her feet, the formation of hallux valgus feet appear corns, calluses. Loose shoes, wandering in the feet in sandals, shoes are not followed, plantar too hard, wear and pain. Because of the different sock thickness for all seasons, shoes to wear long loose, bigger, even foot the day sooner or later, the size is different, so bring shoes regulating is appropriate. Bending difficult older people to wear open shoes. Worthy of attention of parents is that it must not let children tight shoes, otherwise it will let children grow into deformity of the foot. To set aside some space when you buy shoes, feet to replace shoes when they grow up. Materials of shoes to