casual shoes, there's no guarantee feet inside shoes straight, feet to the medial or lateral extrusion, easily lead to deformation of the toes, causing foot injury. Earthquake effects depends not only on the sole of the shoe material, appropriate heel height is an important factor. Shoes, shoes, shoes for heel-shoes, no hook, end of thin, poor heat insulation heat insulation effect, no effect, the vibrations of the calcaneus, vulnerable children ankle, knee, lumbar, cervical and other parts also have an impact, which  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk often tops 40Only appear after age. And has appropriate heel height of shoes, not only can reduced outside late and ground of contact area, makes human weight compared right to distribution in feet of all parts, buffer children in movement in the on brain, and with bone and body other parts caused of shocks; and can improved shoes of insulation performance,

prevent water from waist Wo and Hou Palm parts infiltrated shoes within, and improve foot bow of elastic, fixed shoes of shape, increased shoes of lines beauty. These are other flat shoes can not be compared. Permeability is another factor affecting the comfort of the shoe. Formed between the foot and the shoe a semi-enclosed space, because the body's reasons for foot perspiration, body temperature, for the reproduction of the bacteria to create a suitable temperature and humidity environment, giving nike mid blazer womens rise to smelly feet. Children activities volume feet big, shoes of breathable, and hygroscopic if bad, will makes shoes within often in hot and humid State, for bacteria of breeding created has suitable of environment, and raised feet smelly, also easy contracted beriberi, and athlete's foot, skin; more serious of is, feet long-term in hot and humid environment, will caused foot bow

strength weakened, ligament relaxation, foot late gradually variable wide and caused flat foot. Shoes with uppers made of natural leather, with good moisture absorption, although not fully achieve the ventilation effect, but under the same conditions is superior to other materials. Therefore, experts call for rethinking shoes for the feet as well as the effects of whole body health, child advocates, students often wear comfortable, comfortable shoes. Which one should pay attention to children's health, children's health care system have? National Ministry of health requirements: age 0^1 check at least 4 times a year, age of 1^3 check at least 2 times a year, at least once a year to check the age of 4^7 1. Specific projects include: 1Measurements, weight, height, head circumference, the bust, the growth and detection; systematic checks on the skull, facial features and extremities as well as.