pay attention to ventilation. Breathable material does not cover your foot, not only comfortable, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoe ventilation is poor, especially the soles, though very strong, legs was like a sauna in there. Best shoe breathable but not into something presentable, nor as strong as the shoes. A good pair of shoes is far more important than a BMW from the Knights. Day 9For people more than an hour, feet are the hardest, it should configure a pair of comfortable shoes, however  nike free run 5.0 running shoes. Baby footwear purchase considerations in a person's life, or at least go 1Million kilometers of road, so the shoes cannot be ignored. Infant footwear should pay attention. Because most of their foot bones are calcified cartilage, bone tissue flexibility, easy deformation, coupled with a thin epidermis Cornification of the feet, muscle water, are susceptible to injury and

infection. Infant foot bottom distribution associated with the organs of the body's blood vessels and nerves, there are many points, so the feet to the human body, like roots just as important for the tree. In addition, the Arch of the foot is in the developmental stages of the infant, a good shoe to protect the arches, buffered in most of the shocks generated by the ground when you walk, not only protection of the foot and ankle, knee, back, spine, of vibration can also protect the brain from damage. Choose the proper nike free run 3 womens running shoes footwear for the baby how to choose footwear for baby to sanitary, and foot growth? · fabric texture: firm, soft fabric, a cloth made of children's shoes at the end of comfort, breathability and good production of soft cowhide, soft Sheepskin Shoes, soles are soft and flexible end of the tendon is not only comfortable and safe. Do not give your baby to wear leather,

plastic children's shoes, because it is not breathable, easy to slip wrestling. ·: be sure to fit children's feet grow very fast, and some parents especially for kids to buy large size shoes, in order to put on more time. As everyone knows, this is very bad. Due to the large feet in shoes are not appropriate in a fixed, not only caused by Varus or valgus foot development will also affect the correct posture while walking. Some parents think that shoes are too small, but not worn out, let the baby will wear out some more time. This very bad for baby's developing leg muscles and ligaments. Baby's foot soft bones,Punishing will make baby foot deformation. Babies feet grow very fast during this period, generally speaking, 3-4 months for new shoes. · style: wide head, easy to wear off toddler's baby must wear shoes lighter upper is higher, it is best to cover the ankle. After going to wear hard-

and comfortable shoes. Children's shoes in the winter, warm performance first, followed by artistic, strong. Uppers of soft and hard appropriately, slightly soft. Trendy girl has several pairs of boots a lot, however boots are not suitable for everyday wear, boots uppers are generally longer, if the leather is not good and hard, a little inattentive, easy trip, it is prone to ankle sprains. General weight 15 kg during pregnancy, stress on the legs and feet when you walk a lot, focus change, wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens can make a pregnant woman feel tired, thus affecting the unborn baby's development. Some people feel that wearing socks wear sneakers gotten panic, simply wearing bare feet, which, Lou doctor, wear sneakers on the best socks. Provides moisture wicking sock itself, role of friction, if barefoot sneakers will make the shoe more moist, but may also damage the skin,

some people wear barefoot sneakers worn foot blisters, blisters being worn and there are possibilities of wound infection, it would be in trouble. In addition, some people allergic to leather or rubber skin, let alone barefoot sneakers. Health-shoe-wearing three-point note first, right shoe heel height. 2~3cmHeels can rationalize the arch, made before the man's buttocks, and tightening of the abdomen, chest up, makes people look tall and vibrant. Flat shoes cause a person's Center of gravity was nike free run too far back, tamp the ground with the heel when walking, vibration can reach the brain. High heel makes the toes, metatarsal labored to increase and squeeze, ankle, knee stress increases, waist, abdomen must be quite forward to maintain balance, easily lead to spinal, hip muscle, ligament strain. A long time, deformation of toes, formation of hallux valgus, Bunion. In real life,

short to wear high heels to increase height. Actually the height of the heel should be proportional to the height, short of wearing high heels is more harmful. Secondly, proper shoes should be appropriate. Too tight shoes can squeeze her feet, the formation of hallux valgus feet appear corns, calluses. Loose shoes, wandering in the feet in sandals, shoes are not followed, plantar too hard, wear and pain. Because of the different sock thickness for all seasons, shoes to wear long loose, bigger, even foot the day sooner or later, the size is different, so bring shoes regulating is appropriate. Bending difficult older people to wear open shoes. Worthy of attention of parents is that it must not let children tight shoes, otherwise it will let children grow into deformity of the foot. To set aside some space when you buy shoes, feet to replace shoes when they grow up. Materials of shoes to

 according to understanding, if excess taking calcium agent, children easy constipation, and lit, and anorexia; vitamin d fill more has children will sweating more, protein powder of role easy upset, sleep bad, even also will caused poisoning; protein too much will increased children liver kidney of burden, time long has liver kidney function on will declined, thus led to children Digest function decrease, appetite bad; key is balance dietary children nutrition expert said, health nutrition on health children air jordan 6 retro uk disadvantages more Lee less. Regardless of breast milk or artificial feeding, infants grow up to 4A month would have to be reasonable to add complementary. Thickness matching the infant diet after weaning, meat and vegetables are. Snack less, eat more fruits and vegetables, in order to achieve balanced nutrition. If they find specific micronutrient deficiency,

follow the "lack what you want" and "Cook more than the doctor, sibu might as well sleep supplement" principles General principles: a wide variety of children's health, parents often feel "the upper hand". Balanced diet is the key nutrient, follow the "Cook more than the doctor, sibu might as well sleep supplement" principle v green, children's health care: pediatric treatment methods of infantile massage tuina is a pure green, is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine syndromes, injections not to take air jordan 4 retro uk medicines as far as possible, by adjusting the internal organs, meridians, to improve children's physical fitness, enhance the body immunity. Which can cure diseases and preventive health care, addresses medication suffering avoided the adverse drug reactions and side effects. Above is the small series on children's health should pay attention to detail, believed beneficial

to mothers in front of the computer! AIBO tips you, child care, should pay attention to, and make early preparations. Uneven and children health products currently on the market, for the healthy growth of babies, use caution. Children's shoes attention weakens, Arch flexibility gradually lost, therefore, winter, old shoes are very luxurious. I walk the streets, you can see the many fashionable women wore pointed shoes, cold winter day adds a lot of charm and style. However, such an outcome will most likely keep their feet frostbitten. Toe pointed and narrow, the design has not left enough room for the toes, toes will Squeak in there foot, foot and skin may be damaged or blisters, long term wear not only hone their corns may also leadInduced deformation of toes, bunions and toe overlap, and so on. Many parents are hoping to buy a pair for the baby warm in winter,

2, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months DDST intelligence development of the children tested. 3, select aged 6 months, 1, 2, 3 the blood routine examination. 4, selective trace elements where appropriate, blood lead levels, dietary assessment, determination of bone alkaline phosphatase. 5, health guidance: feeding, nutrition, care, disease prevention, guidance and promote intellectual development. Second, children's eye care: commences at the mother's pregnancy  air jordan 3 retro uk experts warned that children's eye care starting from the mother during pregnancy, because the fertilized egg begins week 3 eye formation. Expectant mothers during pregnancy to prevent radiation to the pelvis, don't take large doses of tetracycline. 2-3 rubella virus infection in months before the expectant mothers during pregnancy, the virus to her fetus through the placenta,

causing babies develop a cataract. Give children proper light in the neonatal period, 2 months to visually track when opportunities, such as tease boy with red objects. 7-9 months of play to give children more than 2 objects to facilitate visual development. Parents to actively participate in 1 years, 42 days after the baby and children outside the regular eye health check. Third, children's oral health: child protection six teeth why child protection children aged under six 6Years before and after the last baby teeth teeth that air jordan 1 retro uk grew in the distance called the "six teeth" around four billion. "Six" is the most important teeth in the mouth. First of all the teeth eruption affordability first and use the longest, biggest, like building a House, four pillars, arranged for full mouth of teeth play a decisive role. So pay attention to protect the integrity of six teeth. Six tooth 1 how to protect children,

 not mistaken for deciduous teeth without attention. 2, early prevention of caries-free and caries and treatment ... 3, in six dental eruption can be operated for a certain amount of protection, such as pit and fissure sealant, dental surfaces coated with fluorine, fluoride toothpaste, etc. 4, unable to retain six teeth, consult your specialist doctor to decide whether removed and mounted. 5, in criteria of local parents should take their children regular check, early detection and timely treatment. Four, children health products market is: the variety of the human eye, according to insiders, the child "health food products" available font size font size is divided into health and food, while claiming to be health food, but only 20% health font size, the phenomenon of cohabitation prevailing in children's health. Errors: more eat total than didn't eat strong note: mess taking outweigh the

 casual shoes, there's no guarantee feet inside shoes straight, feet to the medial or lateral extrusion, easily lead to deformation of the toes, causing foot injury. Earthquake effects depends not only on the sole of the shoe material, appropriate heel height is an important factor. Shoes, shoes, shoes for heel-shoes, no hook, end of thin, poor heat insulation heat insulation effect, no effect, the vibrations of the calcaneus, vulnerable children ankle, knee, lumbar, cervical and other parts also have an impact, which  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk often tops 40Only appear after age. And has appropriate heel height of shoes, not only can reduced outside late and ground of contact area, makes human weight compared right to distribution in feet of all parts, buffer children in movement in the on brain, and with bone and body other parts caused of shocks; and can improved shoes of insulation performance,

prevent water from waist Wo and Hou Palm parts infiltrated shoes within, and improve foot bow of elastic, fixed shoes of shape, increased shoes of lines beauty. These are other flat shoes can not be compared. Permeability is another factor affecting the comfort of the shoe. Formed between the foot and the shoe a semi-enclosed space, because the body's reasons for foot perspiration, body temperature, for the reproduction of the bacteria to create a suitable temperature and humidity environment, giving nike mid blazer womens rise to smelly feet. Children activities volume feet big, shoes of breathable, and hygroscopic if bad, will makes shoes within often in hot and humid State, for bacteria of breeding created has suitable of environment, and raised feet smelly, also easy contracted beriberi, and athlete's foot, skin; more serious of is, feet long-term in hot and humid environment, will caused foot bow

strength weakened, ligament relaxation, foot late gradually variable wide and caused flat foot. Shoes with uppers made of natural leather, with good moisture absorption, although not fully achieve the ventilation effect, but under the same conditions is superior to other materials. Therefore, experts call for rethinking shoes for the feet as well as the effects of whole body health, child advocates, students often wear comfortable, comfortable shoes. Which one should pay attention to children's health, children's health care system have? National Ministry of health requirements: age 0^1 check at least 4 times a year, age of 1^3 check at least 2 times a year, at least once a year to check the age of 4^7 1. Specific projects include: 1Measurements, weight, height, head circumference, the bust, the growth and detection; systematic checks on the skull, facial features and extremities as well as.